One of the honors of ANSAR Bank is joining to S.W.I.F.T, an international financial and banking relations network, since 2010, so that presentation of different offering services to the customers through its FX functional branches.

Objectives of using SWIFT Network in Bank ANSAR 
- Presentation of better Services to the customers.
- Facilitation of commercial exchange with higher speed and quality.

Benefits of presentation of services through SWIFT

1- Being Standard
This system has been designed in such away that connection between computers of two banks and carring out all processes of transferring messages without involvement of human being will be possible by sending messages through the above network.
SWIFT institution, by accepting standards of international institutions like ISITC, ISDA, ICC, ISO, has made transferring inter bank messages so that the messages are abbreviated, in the standard way, as far as possible. 

2- Reliability
Using this system guarantees the delivery of messages up to 99.999 percent. There has been no single failure message in delivery for the past 37 years that's the proof for the quality of network. 
Considering the present daily bulk of 9.4 million messages on the network, you will agree that the security rises up to 100%.

3- System Security
Mathematically complicated process of the transfer for the tested keys on the network and also an extra password added automatically by the SWIFT, it is actually impossible for the intruders to access, read of change the messages. Only authorized destination sites may receive and benefit from the information. 

4- speed in Transfer
With the role of speed in the business operations, one can say that transferring the messages through SWIFT will take just a few seconds; i.e. the last authenticated signature delivers the message through the SWIFT is 24 hour system to reduce delays.

SWIFT messages cost less expensive than any other ways of delivery, namely Tel faxing and Telex. Due to the shortened messages and the understandable standard signs used in SWIFT, costs and charges would fall lower.
With the classification of the delivery conditions through SWIFT, the below mention services in 10 types of messages are sent to top international banks, domestic banks and Ansar Bank Branches:
- Messages and correspondence between the members and SWIFT 
- Fund transfer between customer's bank account, check announcement 
and unconfirmed to payment the check and drafts.
Transaction confirmation including sale and buy, deposit, forward
purchase, drafts and etc.
- Shares and bonds related to the treasury 
- Precious metals and syndicate loans
- Sending and delivering letters of guarantee, letters of credit and 
- Traveler's checks
- Statements, debit and credit notes and the messages related to the 
Treasury Department
"All the charges of SWIFT Services are according to the foreign exchange tariffs"
joining the financial and international banking network of SWIFT has ever been the first step in the electronic banking of Iranian national banking network to presentation of different offering services to the customers through its FX functional branches in all over of Iran.