Bank Ansar arranges for the payment of short term FX facilities in the form of refinance credit lines utilizing resources of its foreign branches and foreign banks. Since profit rate of this facility is lower than that of IRR facilities, it can be of great help for importers to reduce the cost price of the goods.
User of Facilities
- Manufacturing companies for import of raw materials, spare parts and machinery of production lines.
- Commercial importers for import and purchase of consuming goods
- Companies and organizations affiliated to the government, subject of article 4 of Public Accounts Law, approved by Organization of Management and Planning, regardless of having budget line or not, in case they are not using public budget resources of the country, in general, and / or for a special order registration.
Such companies and organizations will be involved in the related regulations and full payment of IRR equivalent of the LC amount to the opening bank, in case they are using public budget resources.
Amount of the facilities
The ceilings for utilization of refinance credit lines facilities by real and legal persons are the individual and corporate ceilings advised by the Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran.
Period of Utilization and Repayment of the Facilities
Maximum period of utilization of the short term facilities is one year after negotiation of the documents.
- At least 10 percent of IRR equivalent of the principal and interest of the refinance LC is obtained from the applicant at the time of opening of the LC.
- At least 10 percent of IRR equivalent of the principal and interest of the LC is obtained from the applicant at the time of negotiation of the document.
- Maximum 80 percent of IRR equivalent of the principal and interest of the refinance LC is obtained from the applicant at the time of repayment of the principal and interest to the correspondent at the maturity date.

Collateral for the Facilities
1- Easily marketable ownership collateral
2- Promissory notes of the managers of the company 
3- Shares of quoted and unquoted companies, at bank's discretion.
4- Collectable documents, at bank's discretion.
Commissions and profit of the facilities
Refinance facilities utilization fee is 1.25 to 2 percent above International Libor rate, depending on the period and is to be paid by the applicant at the time of repayment of the amount of the negotiated documents.
- Other fees such as opening, negotiation, undertaking and management fees are obtained from the applicant in conformity with the contract between this bank and the financer, based on the current regulations, taking into consideration credit risk and presented services.
Method of Utilization
Cash withdrawal against commitment to the presentation of documents with respect to technical and engineering services is possible through opening of LC in favour of the beneficiary or producer of the machinery, raw materials or provider of the services relevant to the technical 
and engineering services.

Processes of Refinance Credit 
- Presentation of the client's request to the branch for utilization of refinance credit line.
- Coordination of the branch with FX Operations Department on possibility of any credit line in the country of origin or seller's country.
- Receipt of an approval for facility granting and notifying the client of the kind and amount of the required collateral.
- Receipt of LC opening instruction specifying the relevant credit line, together with the issued certificates of registration of statistical data.
- Receipt of adequate collateral and collection of commissions from applicant.
- Obtaining Letter of Undertaking from applicant evidencing acceptance of any changes and fluctuations in the exchange rate and the relevant costs at the maturity date. 
Note: when opening of LC through bank resources, all regulations stipulated in the Import LC Brochure, in addition to the special cases, are to observed.