Bank ANSAR to achieve social and economical development programs and to help progressing non-oil exports is willing to present financial facilities to the exporters of technical and engineering services.
Amount of facility 
The amount of granted facility is proportion of the amount of letter of credit presented to the bank (maximum to 70 per cent of the amount of LC)
Significant Note: After deducting the amount of advance payment (minimum equivalent to 15 percent of the amount of LC) and estimating financial requirement of the project, the facility is payable.
- Each L/C or contract in which presenting should be acceptable by bank.
Period of Utilization of the Facility and Method of Payment
Period of utilization and repayment of the facilities is determined based on the schedule of project (build and tested operation) and the payment of employer to Iranian contractor and will be written in facilities agreements, but the period of such contracts, must not exceed maximum 8 years (based on the source of financing).
Repayment of the FX facilities (in general form of Account or Interest) will be in foreign currency. 
Profit Rate of Facilities
- Profit rate of Rial facilities in export section will be determined based on enactment of Credit and Money Council.
- Profit rate of FX facilities will be calculated based on the source of granted facility or regarding to the type of FX or applicant's credit status.

Guarantee of Facilities
For granting FX facilities, Bank will take one or combination form of securities below to insure repayment of facilities.
1- Bank and foreign banks reputable L/Cs guarantee in favor of Iranian applicant.
2- FX long term investment account.
3- Letter of guarantee for Iran's export guarantee fund and or reputable foreign and domestic insurance companies.
4- Customer's worthy urban ownership collateral and easily marketable.
5- Domestic or international insurance.
6- Shares of accepted companies at stock exchange.
7- Collectable documents.
8- Verified statements and definite debit of governmental executive units to applicant with beneficiary's confirmation evidencing to transfer of resulted benefits to bank.
9- Reputable promissory note of company's managers.
10- Other acceptable guarantees.
Note: Calculation base of collaterals (for FX facilities) will be the current rate of agreement date for the principal amount, profit and other related charges.

Method of Utilization
FX facilities for financing FX charges of the project (including machines, materials, raw materials and services which must be supplied from abroad) will be prepared by opening letter of credit in favour of beneficiary or the manufacturer or the producer of the machines, raw materials or services.
Condition of Granting Facility
Applicant of such facilities should present his request to the FX branches along with a description of his previous activities, technical, economical and financial disclosure of the project in the country of destination, the requested amount of facility and the schedule chart of utilization of facility and repayment. After sending the above mentioned document to Bank Ansar project and investment assessment department and obtaining confirmation of credit commission, due action will be effected to pay the facility to the applicant.
Bank's Supervision
Since payment of the facility according to the frame agreement, bank will be authorized to supervise on the form of paid facilities usage in order to assuring of good performing.

Additional Descriptions
Bank Ansar strictly suggest the exporters of technical and engineering services to act through valid international documents such as valid letters of credit or contract in order to be capable of achieve their rights in international courts in case of any dispute with the employers.
If applicant wishes to utilize FX facilities of the bank along with L/C, naming Bank Ansar as the advising and negotiating bank in L/C terms is mandatory.
For more information please contact International Affairs General Department, export section.