Documents of Exported Credits and Drafts Discounting
FX branches of Bank ANSAR are ready to discount the L/C amount of deferred documents and undertaken FX drafts by foreign buyer and or correspondent banks and overseas branches with framework interest less bank operations act and temporary by- law of documents discount and commercial bonds (Factoring) and pay the amount to Iranian sellers. 
Documents discounting may be done in two form "with recourse to seller" and "without recourse to seller" and with respect to customer's credit status and with using of factoring contract. 

General Conditions
1- Exported L/C should be irrevocable .
2- Beneficiary (Exporter) should be reputable customer of this bank.
3- Opening bank should be acceptable of this bank and central bank of Islamic Republic of Iran.
4- Applicant should have general conditions of exporters in guidelines and export, import regulations.
5- Applicant has no any outstanding and past due debts.
Special Conditions
1- Shipment documents of exported L/C or documentary collections were negotiated and accepted by L/C opening bank.
2- Payment of documents amount has been issued by opening or confirming bank at due maturity.
3- Granted facilities interest rate is determined base on opener's bank credit and customer. 

Performance Procedures
1- Applicant request from branch for documents discounting of differed exported L/C or documentary bill of exchange which it's amount will be paid to bank at specified maturity.
2- Control and assurance of documents negotiation and debt acceptance by foreign buyers and or correspondent banks by FX branches.
3- Referring of applicant request to credit authorities and taking facilities approval.
4- Completion letter of undertaking form of factoring by applicant.
5- Payment amount documents after deduction commission of facilities to applicant.
Back to Back Documentary Letter of Credits
Sometimes Issuers of services and goods after receiving the irrevocable L/C, request opening one or more back to back L/C. In such negotiation from two separate L/C are used and using of it when is necessary that the main beneficiary doesn't able to provide goods and for many other reasons, namely, first beneficiary lack of intention to disclosure name of his buyer for the second beneficiary and or beneficiary lack of acceptance to transfer of L/C for it's high risk and or kind of main L/C currency differs from goods currency by first beneficiary from goods producer (second beneficiary), and or first beneficiary want to provide the goods with amount less than first L/C amount from second beneficiary and sell for first L/C price to first L/C buyer, in such case back to back L/C is necessary and using of transferable L/C in these cases will not possible, so for opening back to back L/C, first beneficiary request for second L/C opening.
Conditions and important notes which are considered and observed in the time of second L/C opening are as follows:
1- Second L/C opening is the subject which is only related to beneficiary and second L/C opener bank and knowing and other factors agreement, i.e first L/C opener bank of first applicant, are not necessary.
2- Maximum FX amount limit and second L/C currency could be up to go be to 90 percent of first L/C amount.
3- First L/C conditions and back to back L/C such as goods and requested documents and� must have necessary proportion.
4- Expiry date of back to back L/C must be at least 15 days prior to first L/C expiry date and at most one week after the last shipment date.
5- After opening of the second L/C, the bank may only accept those amendments of the first L/C of the opening Correspondent which are relevant to conditions of both L/Cs and the request for full cancellation of the first L/C is subject to the full cancellation of the second L/C and agreement of the Second beneficiary within the validity of the L/C.
6- Opening of the back to back L/C is done taking into consideration the client's credit worthiness (beneficiary of the first L/C), obtaining enough security and carrying out the required processes in the relevant Credit Commission in accordance with the specified ceiling and Uniform Customs and Practice For Documentary Letters of Credit.
7- In case back to back L/C is used for import of the goods from outside of the country of Free Zones, implementation of all processes of order registration, obtaining relevant licenses and observation of the circulars relevant to the import of the goods are obligatory.

Processes of Back to Back L/C
1- Receipt of the Export L/C for which Bank ANSAR is advising and negotiating bank.
2- Review of the opening bank's credit worthiness.
3- Advising of the L/C to the first beneficiary.
4- Receipt of the first beneficiary's request for opening of the back to back L/C based on the Export L/C.
5- Obtaining the authorization of Export Section of FX Operations Department for issuance of the back to back L/C.
6- Implementation of L/C opening processes such as obtaining Credit Commission's approval relevant to the specified ceilings complying with Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Letters of credit and filling in the form No.508, undertaking form and other documents related to the letter of credit.
7- Receipt of the specified advance payment from the applicant.
8- Opening of the back to back L/C.