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Statement by Managing Director

In accordance with the 11th government economic policies in 2014-15, money market, as an important section of financial market in the economy of the country, had a prominent dignity. Although the entire banks could play their roles properly into the government economic policies, the effect of performing the stagflation restrained policies to the money market, imposed a disproportionate burden to banks.However, the performance of the market rather than to the other financial markets and the real section could represent appropriately.

As the statistics indicate, in the previous year the total index of stock exchange started with 79,014 units and on March 19, 2015 it decreased to 62,532 units, and totally, average stock losses of shareholders reach to 20.8 percent in the year. Other markets such as Automobile and Housing was associated with depression, and macro capital could not have suitable efficiency through productive activities for their shareholders in economic recession condition.

The price of gold and gold coin was affected by two factors including gold price in global trade and dollars rate in internal market which had large fluctuations in the past years, but eventually reducing the scope of the changes of year, that has reported, has caused relative calm in the coin market the efficiencies of 1.2 percent in this market has been experiencing.

Also in the year which Housing market, Capital market and efficiency rate in the Foreign exchange market were relatively 1.8 and minus 20.8 and approximately 11 percent, Money market by 22 percent efficiency has been vanguard in profitability, in which its return rate could cover inflation rate by 15.6 percent in 2014-15 and expected the efficiency of investors be acquired.

The other characteristics of Iran economy which is affected by Money market, is liquidity rate. In this year, liquidity volume increased to 7,823 million Rials which indicates 22.3 percent growth rather than the beginning of the year.

In accordance with Supreme Leader of Iran statements about performing Resistive Economy policies and also toward economic policies of the Contrivance and Hope Government, Ansar Bank by its unutterable efforts committed and expert personnel could fulfill 2014-15 forecasted plans and purposes through the Bank three-year developed plan. Undoubtedly, on one hand acquiring appropriate return for the Bank’s shareholders in Capital Market and on the other hand, reaching to the forecasted earnings per share could represent the success of Bank in many different aspects of performance.

The Bank assure that in the next year, on the basis of Resistive Economy policies, regardless of suspending or continuing of approval sanctions, reaching to the purposes and three-year “evolution plan” programs of the Bank, which is in the last year of performing, is coding the second “evolutionary plan” program, and accordingly Ansar Bank is introduced as a prominent Islamic-Iranian bank among the other Iranian banks.

Managing Director